We at Bergamin & Gomide are pleased to announce our new name: Gomide & Co, which translates the development of the gallery's vision and management model. Under the creative energy and direction of Thiago Gomide, we start 2022 with a new societary format project and a clear purpose: to bring together diverse talents and boost careers in a wide-ranging way.

Since our foundation in 2013, we have operated with excellence in the promotion and dissemination of Brazilian art, participating in the most renowned fairs and presenting a highly regarded program of rigorously constructed exhibitions — from the selection of works, exhibition design, and publications. Throughout the past 8 years, we have gained recognition of the local and international art circuit, which was only possible due to the dedication of Antonia Bergamin, to whom we are grateful for absolutely everything. At Gomide & Co, we reaffirm our mission to be a consolidated source for private collections, museums, and institutions to expand and diversify their collections.

We now introduce Co, an abbreviation for company, which represents a collaborative gesture. Our main collaborators are collectively involved in strategic decisions, from acquisition to programming, with transparency and sharing of results. A philosophy that expands into the construction of spaces to empower an engaged and propositive audience, with freedom of formats and activation modes of our program. It is with this genuine passion that we wish to expand our dialogue with artists and their work, collectors, institutions, and other agents of the art world. We honor what has brought us to this moment, and it is with the same vigor that we praise what lies ahead.

Welcome to Gomide & Co.