Enjoy: Marcelo Cipis

April 6 - July 3, 2021

Bergamin & Gomide is delighted to present “Enjoy”, an exhibition by Marcelo Cipis, with poems by Angélica Freitas, which takes place from April 6 to July 3rd, 2021.


It was not enough to be the first solo show of the first artist represented by the gallery; the exhibition takes on even more special contours, encompassing paintings that were part of more than 30 years of Marcelo Cipis’ career. Well, come in and enjoy!


Enjoy is an excellent way to introduce a series of new and previous paintings; after all, Marcelo Cipis, from now on, will call Cipis known for being a prolific artist and for his captivating personality. Anyone who has not yet met Cipis will go-ahead to meet him…


The selection of works reveals a perspective never before shown, an exciting contrast between the abstract and the figurative that depicts Cipis’ trajectory. They are abstract, figurative, geometric, freely abstract, geometric abstract, formal, gestural, playing – sometimes with the line, or with form, or with writing – that reflect the universe of Cipis, and so to speak, his creative liberty. Liberty is the watchword.


This is the result of a restless way of being. Let us say that Cipis is a restless artist who sees the multiple possibilities of the ways that a visual artist can work. He admires these different paths and wants to cover all of them, always one thing to the other, going through his totality of being an artist.




by Angélica Freitas


I hope you have much success

in your artistic career

no, I mean it, I hope you

are very successful, really,

that’s what I wish for

that all the best happens

in your path as an artist

my goal should be clear

by now: to express my best vows

of success in your poiesis

oh, come on, how could I be ironic

at a time like this!

much success! much happiness!

and it is not only me who congratulates you:

my wife, my children

the whole gang at the office, everyone

thirteen synchronized hearts beating

in this cheering for your

true and thundering success

in your artistic career